Dream On -
Welcome to Dream On.  
I'm Bobi Souder.
It is my passion to explore the mysteries
and joys of life in order to live life to the
fullest.  A graduate education in the fields
of spirituality and counseling psychology
have led me along a most enjoyable path!
My most satisfying work happens when
journeying with others who are seeking
personal and spiritual growth.   To that
end, I offer workshops on SoulCollage®,
Dreamwork, and Group Drumming. 
SoulCollage®  is an intuitive process
by which to access the unconscious
and give voice to every part of the
personality.  It involves cutting out
chosen images and arranging them 
onto 5x7 cards to create a personal
SoulCollage® deck.  The created
cards fall into one of four categories
which represent (1) aspects of one's
personality, (2) one's community, 
(3) animal energies, or (4) archetypal
energies that guide one's personal life.  
Anyone can do SoulCollage®!  When
I was first introduced to the process,
I was delighted to find a creative outlet 
that didn't  require advanced artistic
abilities.  Thinking and judgment are
set aside to freely allow deep intuition
to serve as guide in creating each card. 
That same intuition is used as one later 
consults the cards and gives voice to
their hidden  -- and sometimes
surprising -- wisdom.  
For a wondeful overview of SoulCollage®, watch this video created by Santa Cruz
Marriage and Family Therapist and SoulCollage Facilitator Mariabruna Sirabella 
I am a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator and offer workshops in the San Francisco
Bay area.  Contact me about offering a workshop for your group. 
“When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the
experience before her and enters into her own image.”  -Meister Eckhart
"What in the world did that mean?!"  Ever wake up from a dream with that
thought?  I have -- many times.   Sometimes entertaining, sometimes disturbing,
sometimes just plain weird, those nighttime movies that play in our heads have
been a source of great mystery down through the ages.   Where do they come from? 
What messages or guidance do they offer for my life? 
To address those questions, I facilitate dream groups in the greater San Francisco
Bay area.  These groups include a brief time for education on a variety of dream
perspectives, with the majority of time used to do actual dreamwork.  I am also
available for individual dream consultations.  
I have taken course work in the Dream Certificate Program at  JFK University's Graduate School of Holistic Studies, and am certified as a 
Dream Teacher, Level One from The Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming.

  "The dream world 
is the real world." 

Seneca Indian healer

Group Drumming
When I received training as a HealthRhythms Group Drumming
Facilitator through Remo, Inc., I was thrilled to learn of documented
research describing the physiological effects of group drumming on the
immune system, stress, and the production of natural killer cells that
help prevent cancer.  I have witnessed the positive effects of group
drumming  in my work with caregivers and people living with
neurological impairments.
For me, drumming is like a chiropractic adjustment for my soul.  It
realigns what has been off kilter and out of balance.  It opens the channels
where Life can flow freely.  It strengthens, enlivens, and can open the door
to healing realms. 

Watch my events page for
upcoming programs, or contact me
to offer a program for your group.

Check out this short video for information
on the HealthRhythms program.
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